Informed decisions

Profit and loss You get detailed reports about the revenue based on configured categories and sliced in different views. fitsys lets you handle expenses with wide range of options - automatic calculation of comissions, salaries, cost of goods. Total gross profit is visible in seconds.

Reports in real time Receive SMS notification on every important event that takes place in your club. Configure automatic exports for any of the reports in the system to you or your employee with different permission views.

Expenses No one can run business efficiently without extensive knowlege of their expenses. fitsys lets you account for any expense - consumables, recurring expenses, common expenses, cost of goods and as many categories as you configure.

Graphs and diagrams The easiest way to see how you business is doing is to visualize it on a graph. Compare different indicators month by month and year by year like load, active subscriptions, chruned customers, visits, etc.