Customer management

Memberships Our membership options go beyond duration and number of visits. You have many extra features at your disposal like shared subscription, instructor subscription, personal, promotional and many more. For your term contracts the system can be configured for as many periods, period length and period payment amount as you like. On top of this any subscription can be configured to be active only for given time based on criteria of weekend, seasons, time of day, time of month, holiday and more.

Training diary We know how important is the personal attitude for increasing the customer satisfaction and this is why fitsys offers way for your trainers to register every exercise, measurement and achievement made by the customer. You can easily follow the progress.

Customer wallet All customer profiles get personal wallet within the system. The wallet can be charged with deposit or gift voucher. It depends on you what the customer can do with his wallet - from paying for reservations online, if enough balance is available to buying any product and service. Wallet balance could become negative in which case the customer will own you.

Customer tags You can configure unlimited number of tags and apply one or more to any customer. You can filter and make restrictions for events based on those tags. Tags can be anything that is significant to you - VIP customers, friends, employees, suppliers.