Purchases and reception

Reception One of the core principles in the development of fitsys is that it should be able to service maximum number of people at reception in the shortest time possible. All activities are measured in number of clicks, taps and seconds needed to complete. We make sure the system is not a bottle neck. Sell a product or service, sign in customer for class, add subscription, make reservation for another day, all acitvities are designed to take as little time and clicks as possible.

Self-service You can turn any tablet to kiosk and get many self-service benefits. Your staff will have more time, line at the reception will disappear, you will serve the customers faster and they will be happier. Some of the self-service options are registration, self checkin in events, agree to club's terms and conditions.

Full blown POS Speed, accuracy and having all needed features makes fitsys perfect to use at other place you might have on site like coffee, bar, food stand and more.