Where do you store my information?

Our servers are located in the data center Equinix (www.equinix.com) in Druzhba 1, Sofia, Bulgaria. Equinix is a leading provider of collocation services worldwide.

What kind of support should I expect?

We cover the entire working hours of your business. You also receive a telephone for round-the-clock emergency support. We have 3 channels – web chat through the system itself, email and phone. We also make a site visit in case the problem cannot be solved remotely.

Do you offer prepayment discounts?

No, there are no prepayment discounts. 

Why we should use business management software

Our software gives you 24/7 access to the information about your business. It allows you to manage all locations at once without being dependent on a specific access device. All you need is an internet connection and a browser to use it. It allows you to manage resources and employees, and gives you access to detailed reports so you can track your entire cash flow and perform detailed analyzes.

Is your software online or is it tied to one computer?

The software is a cloud platform and is accessed online using a web browser. It is not tied to a specific device and you can use it on a computer, tablet or phone.

Is your software licensed under H18?

Yes, fitsys is registered as a SUPTO in the NRA (regulation H18) under number 80. You can check here or search for yourself on the NRA website.

Does your software allow managing product cost as well as supplier and delivery support?

Yes, the software has rich storage functionality. Maintenance of multiple warehouses, contractors, deliveries, transfers between different warehouses, audits. The cost and selling price of the items may be different in each warehouse.

Are there different levels of access to the software and can each level be set individually?

The system has 5 different employee roles. They can be combined with each other, each of the roles has additional settings through which it is possible to individually define different access rights for each employee.

If any additional specific functionality is needed for our business, is it possible to make it?

We are always open to suggestions on how to improve our product. We are as good as our product and the support around it. In 90% of the cases, the developments that our clients want are realized free of charge as part of our development plan. Often our clients learn from us good business practices through the tools already developed in the software. The remaining 10% of developments are very different from what we develop and then individual agreements are made.

Does the software support the export of customer data as well as revenue, expenses, reports?

All data can be exported to excel spreadsheets

How long ago did I have access to the information?А

There is no limit to the data storage period. The information is stored forever and is available to you at any time.

How does your system work with more than one location?

Our first client had 3 physical locations. From the very beginning, when the idea was born, we designed the software so that you can easily and conveniently manage a business with more than one location. Everything is in one system and accessible from anywhere. Contact us and we will make you an offer for more than one location.

How do we start using fitsys?

After signing the contract, we create your services, products, employees and specific configurations. If necessary, we import data from other software or electronic format (excel, csv). Once data is available in the system, we organize the training. We set day X to start and the evening before that day we transfer and update the data from the other system again.

A new person has started, can he get training?

The built-in web chat in the system helps your new employees to enter the work process. In addition to answering questions quickly, we provide materials, videos and screenshots with explanations. Over 80% of our customers’ new employees do not undergo internal training to work with the software, and managers say they have left this part to us. We also perform re-training on site by agreement.

Does the price include employee training?

Training is a very important part of integrating the system into your workflow.
We will show and train you how to use the full potential of the software according to your needs at no extra charge.

If I already use software and want to switch to yours, do you offer database transfer so I don't lose valuable information.

Yes, we offer importing your database. We have experience with data transfer from various software such as Mindbody, Setmore, Versum, Flux, Merlin and the Bulgarian GymRealm, nZoom, Trinity, Orak, Microinvest, Mistral and many others. We also have experience retrieving data from old software, even without contacting the developers or the people who support it. 

Does your software provides expenses management?

Yes, the software provides the ability to enter all the revenue and expenses for your business. In addition, fitsys has Cash Flow and Income-Expenditure reports, where we process and present this data in an easy-to-understand form. From there, you can keep track of how your business is performing by month, what optimizations you may need to do to make your business more successful.

Does your software support reports for different periods and breakdowns?

The system has a wide range of extremely detailed reports – Turnover, Commissions,  Stock management, Consumables and more. Each report can be exported to Excel for further processing according to your specific needs.

Is your software suitable for areas other than dermatology, spa and sports facilities?

Our software combines the functionalities of several different types of systems – customer management  plus communication with them (CRM in general), calendar for reservations plus online reservations, sales of goods and services, employee management and automatic commission calculation, warehouse functionality, detailed tracking of income and expenses, management of many locatons and others. All this makes it suitable for many types of businesses. By adding the detailed customer personal card, customer accounts further expand the circle. Large and well-known physiotherapy centers are our clients, we even have an AG Hospital.

Does the software also have English version?

We currently support two languages – Bulgarian and English. We work for translation into Italian and Russian.

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