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fitsys is the right software for your business! Since the establishment of the company, we listen to our customers and take feedback from them. We have been to the club hundreds of times to see how the work process is going. We are always at the forefront and serve our customers. We know what people at the front desk, coaches, managers and owners are interested in, and finally we even talk to accountants to prepare reports to make their job easier.

Customers management

Complete information about each client in your site – history of visits, maintenance of a file with custom fields – for example, you can keep information about injuries, preferences, health status, requirements. You can write workouts directly in the system and keep track of what workouts your client has done each time. Extremely useful for individual training, as well as convenience for the instructor in group. Purchase history at your site – this way you can assess how valuable each individual customer is to your business. You can make loyalty programs, gifts and discounts. And you can get a report of the most regular customers and customers who use your services and products the most with only a few clicks.

Track the movement of your customers. Which are regular and which were regular but stopped attending recently. Visibility for non-renewed subscriptions and those that will expire soon. Reduce the time to renew subscriptions with automated notifications. Track the trend of visits, subscriptions, active customers and many other indicators and compare period by period. Make every new customer a regular one.


Online booking and integration of the calendar with your site. The system itself manages a waiting list for each group and practice, recording and sending notifications when a client space is freed from the queue. Automatic charge no-show fee when a client cancels a workout after the deadline allowed to unsubscribe.



Fast reception service, reduced administrative work with automation in calculating commissions, notifying customers, managing the warehouse and preparing reports. 



Automatic sending of reports. Real-time notifications when important events in the club occur. Track access of coaches and instructors to the system, notification in case of low availability of goods and calculation of costs when ordering new ones.

Customer relationship

You can generate your own content from the system and send it to your customers at pre-set times. Sending personalized promotions and offers is a matter of configuration in minutes.


Turn each tablet into an information board for reception. New customers will register themselves. You can obtain informed consent. Visitors will sign in and book a place for an upcoming group workout or event.

Customer portal and mobile app

Fitsys provides a reservation system so that your customers can reserve their place in a practice or training, as well as specify how they will pay. There is a possibility for a mobile application, with which the booking is done with one click via the phone. In the customer portal and the mobile application, each of your customers can track the actions he has done at your site – purchases, visits, no-show fees, obligations, earned loyalty points and much more.

Абсолютно се промениха възгледите ни към нашия бизнес. В момента имаме ясна информация за това как вървят нашите обекти месец по месец. Силни и слаби страни на служителите ни и главно коректността им.
Йордан Тумбев

Основател, Фитнеси Титаниум

С fitsys работим бързо, лесно и качествено. Проблемът с бавното обслужване беше решен, защото при тях дейностите на рецепция се правят с до 2 действия и продажбата е отчетена. Рецепционистите успяват да обслужват по-бързо нашите клиенти, вече няма толкова опашки и в крайна сметка клиентите станаха по-доволни.
Жени Николова

Управител, Academica Gym

Преди да започнем със системата fitsys използвахме 3 различни софтуера, с които се опитвахме да управляваме бизнеса си. Едната система ползвахме за резервация на тренировки, другата система беше за писане на упражненията на клиентите, а третата система беше за стокова наличност.
Ивайло Иванов

Управител, Inspired Fit Strong

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