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Разговаряхме с Иван и Йордан, съоснователи на фитнес клубове Titanium

How did you meet the Fitsys team?

Fitsys came to us to present the software. Which coincided with the moment we were looking for management software.


What challenges and problems did you have before Fitsys?

The main problem was how to monitor the loyalty of customers and more precisely their subscription obligations and visits. Another problem was the monitoring of stock availability and employees consumption. We had too many products and no idea how to describe and track them. Another problem was that we did not have any statistics on how the business is going – up or down, trends, etc.


How did Fitsys handle your requirements?

Through this software we managed to educate customers to be fair to their subscriptions and to fulfill their obligations – the number of visits per day, a card to be used by only one person and to meet the deadline. All products are registered with their exact quantity and the program even warns us when availability falls below a set minimum. Now all employees have profiles and enter their consumption for the day, which can be checked at any time by time and date, and thus we bring a lot of clarity about their loyalty. Through the software we sell products and services very quickly and easily through the barcode reader. But perhaps the most painful was the problem of statistics that we could not see before – sales, subscriptions and consumption. We have not even guessed how much information can be extracted from all the tables, graphs and charts that the software automatically generates. We are currently constantly looking at reports and updating month by month and even year by year, and so we analyze how we move through time and help us make business decisions.


How fast did they launch the system?

I don’t remember, but the process was transient and we approached timidly and cautiously. We had to transfer and describe a lot of goods and data, which took us time to plan and execute. It took about a month.


Are you satisfied with the support?

We are very pleased. Many of the features we needed were added especially for us. The team is very correct and they constantly want to improve the software and solve all the problems we ask them to.


Did you use another system and how did the migration go and how long did the transition from the old to the new system take?

We used google drive, excel and the like. We didn’t really have management software, we entered data by hand, there was a lot of confusion, there were constant errors – subscription dates, power outages and unsaved tables.


How did you learn to work with the system? Was there training, are you happy with it?

The first people to be trained were the three owners and then it was handed over by us to the staff. Whenever there was a problem, the Fitsys team responded and came to the site for further clarification and training.


How did your employees accept the new system?

At first they were quite negative like any new thing, but after a while everyone was very happy with the software. Everything happened in a flash, you click and it works. Before, they had to write down the sale of any product that made them nervous. After the introduction of the system, the sale was reduced to this – scanning the barcode and clicking enter.


Have you made improvements to the processes with the help of the system and does it help you to understand and manage your business better?

Our views on business have completely changed. We currently have clear information on how our sites are doing month by month. Strengths and weaknesses of our employees and mainly their loyalty.


Are new versions being released and is the system improving over time?

It is constantly being worked on, it is becoming more and more pleasant for the end user and it is becoming easier and easier to work with. New graphics and features are added that we didn’t even suspect we would need, but in the end they turn out to be very useful for us.


Did the system help you launch new services?

Not at the moment, but we are thinking of new service ideas to integrate with the mobile application we receive from Fitsys along with the service. Identification of the client only by phone without the need for a card, as well as booking hours for group activities.


Rate from 1 to 10 Your overall satisfaction with “Fitsis” .1 bad, 10 excellent.

9.5, no one is perfect (laughs)

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