Interview with Ivan from Fit Factory

Jul 18, 2019 | Clients interviews

Fit Factory

Interview with Ivan Stoyanov, owner of the only 24/7 Fitness in Sofia

How did you meet the Fitsys team?

A client of the fitness contacted us.

What challenges and problems did you have before Fitsys?

We had two systems – Microinvest for storage and fiscalization, Andromeda for subscriptions. Working with these 2 systems in parallel was quite stressful and took a long time to serve a customer at the reception. We wanted a system to connect all aspects of the business and be accessible anytime from anywhere.

How did Fitsys handle your requirements?

Everything is combined in one system – warehouse, subscriptions, access control. The functions work perfectly and everything is in one place. Our management decisions were facilitated by the information and reports that are already available from this system.

How fast did we launch the system?

There was a development period due to integration with the access control system. In our case, this was extremely important, because the fitness works 24 hours a day and there should be no errors, because after 22:00 there is no receptionist.

Are you satisfied with after-sales support?

The guys from Fitsys are super flexible, we communicate with them in all sorts of ways – chat, phone, emails. Our urgent things happened immediately, the not so urgent ones fast enough.

Did you use another system and how did the migration go and how long did the transition from the old to the new system take?

We had an access control system and a club membership system. We paid the necessary attention and the migration went very smoothly and quickly. We didn’t have any problems popping up at a later stage. Any fears that we had that something might happen at a later stage turned out to be irrelevant.

How did you learn to work with the system? Was there any training, are you satisfied with it?

The Fitsys team conducted on-site training, but the system is intuitive and every user – operator, manager, coach gets used to it very quickly.

How did your employees get used with the new system?

Fitsys made their job a lot easier and they are extremely happy that we made such a change.

Have you made improvements to the processes with the help of the system and did it help you understand and manage your business better?

Fitsys helped me organize my business the way I wanted. I am extremely glad that every new idea for improvement and update is heard by the team and realized.

Did you learn new things about your business using the system?

I didn’t learn much new using the system, but monitoring and controlling all processes becomes much easier. The fact that the system is available via the Internet made it much easier for me and I consider it an irreplaceable advantage.

Are new versions being released and is the system improving over time?

Updates are made regularly and the good thing is that things always get better with each subsequent update.

Did the system help you launch new services?

The functionalities of the system for subscription cards with coaches were unthinkable with the other systems. We have built an online reservation calendar on our site, which users appreciated.

Does the Fitsys system help you to be competitive?

Subjective question, but certainly the better a manager sees the details of the business the easier it is.

Rate from 1 to 10 Your overall satisfaction with “Fitsys” .1 bad, 10 excellent.


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