Yoga Diwali

Interview with Lyudmil Drenski, founder Yoga Diwali

How did you meet the Fitsys team?

You contacted us, you came to the place.

What challenges and problems did you have before Fitsys?

Reporting of all reservations and visits. Informing people about free hours. 70% of the work of the studio was administrative and to keep in touch with clients.

How did Fitsys handle your requirements?

They automated the process to a great extent. Now the job of instructors and administrators is only to monitor the processes in the system. Fitsys gave the instructors much more opportunity to pay attention to their practice, because an instructor is not an administrator, but an instructor. I can now see who is looking for me two days ago by phone or viber, and before it was impossible because I had 30-40 calls. Calls to instructors dropped from 30 to 1.

How fast did they launch the system?

They released it in 5 days, but we actually started using it 100% in 20 days.

Are you satisfied with the support?

Yes, we are satisfied. They respond very quickly to challenges and problems. In less than 12 hours, things are resolved and in many cases much faster. A solution and improvement is always sought in every situation. The best thing is that the system is constantly improving, ie. we have a developing product.

Did you use another system and how did the migration go and how long did the transition from the old to the new system take?

We used our own development + a combination of google excel spreadsheet and other excel spreadsheets.

There was training. The commitment of the instructors to the use of the system is minimized. Two people from the studio were fully trained to work with the system. The training was easy and fast, because it was not necessary for everyone in the studio to be familiar with everything and details in the operation of the system. My colleague and I were trained in how to work with the whole system, and we have already trained others only for the things they needed.

How did your employees accept the new system?

At first timidly and with reserve. In less than a month, everyone welcomed her, even the most conservative. We have an employee who accepts all changes very badly, she is anti to any changes. Even she called after 1 month and said – well the new system is really good.

Have you made improvements to the processes with the help of the system and does it help you to understand and manage your business better?

Hours condensed. It was easier for people to migrate from one hour to another and see where there were vacancies without having to call all the instructors.

Did you learn new things about your business using the system?

I have much more detailed information about attendance in various details – in different practices, in services. I have information that was very difficult to gather in one place.

Are new versions being released and is the system improving over time?

Yes, it is constantly improving. Especially useful for us is the mobile phone application that we give to our customers. This completely changed the way people book a place. 

Did the system help you launch new services?

We had fellow instructors who started closing classes at an unpopular time because there were no people. After the new system, people started enrolling because they had visibility for all classes and these same colleagues reopened their classes.

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9 to 10

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