Customer loyalty and commitment to your services are increasingly becoming a significant asset for any company. To achieve loyalty, commitment and customer satisfaction, customer loyalty programs are becoming a very important tool in your company’s CRM. We at Fitsys are aware of this and have added this tool to our system. Here we will explain how the loyalty program works and how you can use it according to your own requirements.

How does the loyalty system work?

With each purchased product or service, except for the promotional ones, the customer accumulates points in his account. The ammount of points received is determined by you.

The customer can use the accumulated points by paying with them for purchases of products or services.

You can have one or more loyalty programs and one customer can participate in each of them. It all depends on your preferences.

Types of loyalty programs

  • Specific client
  • Group of clients
  • Certain product or service
  • Group of products or services
  • Everything in certain location
  • Everything in all locations

При закупуване на продукт или услуга, според тежестта на типа, се определя в коя програма за лоялност попада клиента и колко точки ще спечели. Най-голяма тежест има тип „Конкретен клиент“, а най-малка „Всичко във всички обекти“. Има опция винаги да се избира най-добрата програма за клиента, в случаите когато той попада в няколко различни.When purchasing a product or service, according to their priority, it is determined which loyalty program the customer falls into and how many points he will earn. The type “Specific client” has the greatest weight, and the least “Everything in all locations”. There is an option to always choose the best program for the client, in cases where he falls into different ones.

За да бъде още по-гъвкаво и да стимулирате клиентите да потребяват повече имате възможност да дефинирате различни сегменти на получените точки. По този начин за една и съща покупка един клиент ще получи повече, а друг по-малко точки.

To be even more flexible and to encourage customers to shop more you have the opportunity to define different segments of the points learned. Thus for the same purchase one customer will get more and another less points.

In which segment the customer falls is defined by the turnover he has made when shopping your products or services.

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