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Interview with Ivaylo Ivanov, manager 

How did you meet with the Fitsys team?

A friend of us recommended the software and their services. 

What challenges and problems did you have before Fitsys?

The main problems and challenges we had were that we did not have software on the market that would provide us with all the functionalities we were looking for gathered in one place. Such as – reservations, stock, mobile application, online payments and recording of exercises and all this to be in one software.


How did Fitsys handle your requirements?

Fitsys managed to develop all our requirements in their software and although we had special ones for the individual functionalities, they complied with all our wishes. What we were very pleased with was that they managed to integrate the new things in the best way and this allowed us to make our work more optimized and run faster and easier.


How fast did we launch the system?

With us, the system was launched within 1 month, because our requirements were very specific, which had to be developed from scratch.


Are you satisfied with after-sales support?

We are very pleased with the support. The Fitsys team responded within the same day to problems / bugs.


Did you use another system and how did the migration go and how long did the transition from the old to the new system take?

Before we started with the Fitsys system, we used 3 different software with which we tried to manage our business. One system we used to book workouts, the other system was for writing customer exercises, and the third system was for stock availability. The migration to the new Fitsys system took us about 30 days because we had special requirements and it was more time consuming to transfer data from 3 systems to one.


How did you learn to work with the system? Was there training, are you happy with it?

In the beginning, the Fitsys team conducted training with which we understood all the functionalities of the new software and then it was very easy for us to continue using the system without difficulties and the need for new training.


How did your employees accept the new system?

Our employees were very pleased because it made their daily work easier. The functionalities are made intuitively and the system is easy to work with.


Have you made improvements to the processes with the help of the system and did it  help you to understand and manage your business better?

We made improvements because the system gave us the opportunity to have a holistic view of the whole business and to make the right decisions for the development of our business.


Did you learn new things about your business using the system?

We learned new things about our business through detailed analyzes and diagrams through which you can monitor where your business is going every day.


Are new versions being released and is the system improving over time?

On average, new versions are released every 2 weeks, which clear bugs and introduce new features that make our work even easier.


Did the system help you launch new services?

The Fitsys team is very open to new offers and with our new requirements it is ready to develop them and thus launch a new service. An example is that we launched a shared subscription. Fitsys and I launched this service because we have such an option. Another great example is that we launched a mobile application for Android and iOS. This makes it much easier for our customers to book and track workouts.


Does the Fitsys system help you to be competitive?

Helped us because the functionalities we use are very complex and using Fitsys saves us a lot of time from administrative tasks per day.


Rate from 1 to 10 Your overall satisfaction with Fitsys .1 bad, 10 excellent.

We rate you 9, because no matter in which field, you can always do more, and your software is constantly evolving.


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